FTI is an outgrowth of the work of Dr. Emily Feistritzer, an innovator in the field of teacher preparation and certification for several decades. She most recently served as the founder and CEO of Moreland University/TEACH-NOW, one of the nation’s largest technology-centric teacher preparation and certification institutions. Launched with a grant from the New Schools Venture Fund in 2011, the company grew into an industry leader that has enrolled nearly 10,000 teachers in more than 150 countries over the past decade. Dr. Feistritzer sold the company in October 2021, and founded FTI with the proceeds of the acquisition. Leveraging the relationships she had formed over a 50-year career as an educator, she assembled a dream team of experts in teacher training to examine the best way to create a global teaching license.  

FTI is a District of Columbia  501(c)(3) Private Operating Foundation focused on  education research and policy.


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